Welcome and celebrate your child’s arrival into your family (new-born, adoptive, step children)

baby-naming-photoMake promises and commitments to nurture and support your child in life

Naming Ceremonies gives you the chance to welcome your child with love and share this with your family and friends. They are an alternative to Church Christenings and available to anyone of any denominational or non-denominational religion or culture.

These ceremonies can also be used to celebrate the arrival of adoptive and step children becoming part of a new family.

Each ceremony is unique and personally written for you. You may choose to have poems, readings, music, hymns and prayers. If you wish you can write your own promises and vows to your child.

You can choose a Godparent (or Supporting / Guiding adult) if you prefer. These people will promise to take a special interest in the future of your child. They can also be a there as a friend and source of advice for your child outside of their family.

Godparents can write their own personal and meaningful promises to the child.

Ideas you may like

  • Give Jewellery

    Give your baby a piece of jewellery or bangle to signify you’re never ending love for them.

  • Plant Tree

    Plant a tree which will grow as your child grows.

  • Anointed with Water

    Your baby can be anointed with water although its symbolism may be different to a traditional christening.

  • Passed to your Guests

    Your baby can be passed to your guests one by one and they can make their own promise to the child.

  • Lighting a Candle

    Lighting a candle can signify the light that will guide and protect your child through life

  • Book

    Guest Message book

Places and time

Naming ceremonies can take place on any day of the week at any time.

They can be held in your garden, home, in a hired hall, hotel – wherever you choose. You should check with your local authority if you wish it to be held in a public place like a park.

You must still register the birth of your child at a local registry office within the legal time span. This is a formal baby naming ceremony and holds not legal status.

Service Provided

1 or 2 meetings with the family, writing and planning the ceremony in accordance with your wishes, preparing the ceremony of which a draft will be sent to you for approval in advance. Plus conducting the ceremony on the day and a special signed commemorative certificate.

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