For the Wedding tailored just for you

Thank you for looking here for a Celebrant for your wedding. I am honoured and hope to have the pleasure of working with you to create your unique and personal wedding. Whether it is a traditional or non-traditional wedding you want – the choice is yours. Your choice of venue is limitless as you are not restricted to licences venues, so you can choose a beach, field, your back garden – provided the weather is good.

Together I can help you choose readings, songs, poems, write vows. I write the whole service from start to end plus we discuss the choreography for the service to ensure it all goes well on your day.

Conversion Ceremonies

Are you wanting to convert your civil partnership to a marriage? Great! As I offer   Blessings and Vow Renewals to make your ceremony more personal and memorable.

Legality of a Wedding

As a married couple you must still attend the Registry Office to make your wedding official. You can do this prior to, or after, the ceremony as this is usually cheaper and does not detract from the service. However a Registrant can be at the service if you prefer.

Booking Information

We meet face to face or via Skype if you live abroad or outside South Yorkshire. This enables me to establish a relationship with you so I can find out about your journeys, how you met your future wife / husband and what you want in your ceremony.

Your service / ceremony can be non-religious or semi religious, Humanist – whatever you want. Remember it is tailored for you

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